Biit now part of twoday corporation

Back in June, we shared news about the corporate acquisition which has now made us a part of a new Nordic IT consulting firm. That new company has officially been named – and it’s gotten a makeover too. From here on out, we’ll be a part of the Nordic twoday corporate family, which boasts over two thousand employees.

A new company was born when Visma Consulting, which focuses on consultancy services, spun off from its parent company Visma. The spin-off aimed to provide the new enterprise with even better opportunities to grow specifically as a consulting firm.

What exactly is this mysterious twoday?

twoday is a full-service technology partner specializing in technology consulting, big enough to drive major changes, yet still human-centered enough to stay away from the rigid corporate world.

The name twoday represents partnership with clients, stakeholders, and society, as well as community, teamwork, and equality, which are essential values for twoday. The goal of the new brand identity is to convey dynamism, approachability, and simplicity. Sounds a lot like Beet, doesn’t it?

How does this affect Biit’s operations?

From a market perspective, the birth of twoday is a significant piece of news, as twoday is already one of the largest technology houses in the Nordics right out of the gate. Behind it stands CVC Capital Partners Fund VIII, a behemoth of a private equity firm, managing assets worth around 125 billion euros.

twoday is a full-service technology house, which practically means that with over 2200 professionals at its disposal, it can assist organizations of all sizes with all their technology needs – whether it’s about the implementation of a technology platform or transforming the entire business.

“This is a phenomenal development because the new twoday company also gives Biitti the opportunity to continue its strong growth in the coming years, both in Finland and abroad. twoday’s expertise and people will give us even better capabilities to serve a more diverse range of larger clients and to execute more comprehensive project deliveries. We will continue to focus on Salesforce technologies and aim to be the best in the market in these areas. For Biitti’s people, the change in ownership also means that all our employees have the opportunity to become shareholders on the same terms as the new principal owner if they so wish. This way, they too can become more significantly involved in the company’s financial success,” explains Ikla Puustinen, founder and CEO of twoday Biit.

The change in ownership, per se, does not significantly impact Biit’s operations. We will continue with the same leadership, strategy, and staff as before. However, our legal name will change. Going forward, it will be twoday Biit.

We continue to serve our customers as before, and the change will not affect our agreements with our clients, partners, or staff.

Breaking away from Visma, on the other hand, gives us, as well as the entire Twoday team, even better opportunities to grow by specifically focusing on the consulting business.

“We are building a leading IT consulting firm in the Nordics, starting right off the bat with over 2,200 employees. In Finland, as part of Visma, we have grown into an organization of over 600 experts, and as an independent twoday, we aim to further accelerate our growth,” explains Petri Lillberg, the CEO of twoday in Finland.

twoday – We create a better tomorrow through technology.“


Ikla Puustinen, CEO, Biit Oy, +358 50 330 8525

Jaakko Koivisto, Head of Marketing & Communications, Biit Oy, +358 50 513 5311

More information about the news:

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Got questions? Below you’ll find answers to many questions that might be on your mind.

How do I get in touch with you going forward?

The same familiar faces will continue to respond to your messages. Our emails will still be in the format *protected email*, but from now on, you can also reach us at *protected email* addresses.

How does this change affect projects and client relationships?

We’ll continue operating under a new name just as we have up until now, so this change won’t affect any ongoing projects or contracts with our clients in any way. Our offerings to our clients will remain the same – actually, they’ll only keep getting better.

Who is the new owner?

Our company’s new owner is CVC Capital Partners Fund VIII. CVC is a leading private equity firm with a global network of 25 local offices and assets under management of approximately 125 billion euros. CVC has been operating in the Nordic markets for over 20 years and has successfully collaborated with several companies in the region.