Continuous development and support

Do you want to ensure that Salesforce continues to deliver substantial added value to you in the future? Then it’s essential to develop the system as your business evolves.

Salesforce is a technology platform designed to scale and evolve according to the needs of an organization. However, few organizations possess such deep Salesforce expertise that they can develop the system purely on their own or solve potential challenging situations without external assistance.

Our support services ensure that your Salesforce environment runs smoothly in the background day after day. With support services, you get quick help in various situations as well as helping hands for the development of your system.

How can we help?

Do you need help with system development and small development?

We will help you exactly as much as you need.

Technical support

Problems can always arise along the way. When you’re in need of an outsider’s expert touch, our local experts can swoop in and swiftly tackle any issue at hand.

Small development

Salesforce as a platform is continuously evolving. We’re here to help you implement beneficial new features as well as ensure that your system operates flawlessly even after major updates. We’re also by your side for the continuous refinement of your system, such as creating new reports or dashboards for example.

Services we offer

We are offering two levels of service.


In our light package, we charge for assignments on an hourly basis, with the smallest task being only an hour in duration. We bill you for the development work with half-hour precision. This package is suitable for businesses of all types and sizes.


In our extensive package, you get 40 work hours’ worth of development every month, plus you get your very own go-to person you can reach out to anytime. And for cherry on top, we offer SLA service as an extra. This option is perfect for companies that are all in on Salesforce, using it in all its glory, and have already pinpointed several areas in their system ready for some tune up.

Frequently asked questions

When should I consider ordering continuous development and support services?

Only a few of our clients possess deep Salesforce expertise in-house. In such situations, these kind of services are a cost-effective way to ensure that your Salesforce evolves alongside the business and that any potential issues are swiftly resolved.

Can I order these services even if I'm not your customer yet?

Yes, you can. Our ongoing services are designed for all organizations that use Salesforce. We serve many companies that have over time worked with several Salesforce partners.

Do I have to prepare for long waiting times or doing business in a foreign language?

You can reach us very quickly via email in case of any acute problems. Additionally, we provide our services locally in Finland, allowing you to effortlessly interact with us in either Finnish or English.

I would like to order an extensive package, but I'm not sure if I need 40 hours of development work every month. What should I do?

We always aim to find a solution that works for the customer. If your organization doesn’t need such extensive ongoing development, we recommend compiling all development ideas together and executing them in the form of a small project or projects.