Developing and increasing sales

Time and time again, we’ve noticed that sales tools don’t support all aspects of sales.

Getting better results requires success in a variety of different sales situations. It’s not just closing deals, but finding new customers, discussing with them, turning those discussions into sales opportunities, securing new deals and ultimately taking care of existing customers.

The problem with most CRM systems is that they are built for one sales process, usually the sales funnel for customer acquisition. That alone is not enough.

In the best-case scenario, a CRM system offers a 360 view of all customers, assists salespeople in focusing on the right things at the right time, and makes sales forecasting a breeze.

To tap into these benefits, the first step is to define and map out all the necessary sales processes into the system, ensuring it truly supports sales while also generating high-quality sales data.

Plug-n-play type of systems simply can’t do this, but with our help you’ll get a system that supports your business, no matter what your needs are.

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Data-Driven sales

Organizations usually have clearly defined sales targets that are being closely monitored. However, merely looking at sales results is not sufficient, as they provide insights into events that have already occurred. In sales management, success depends on influencing the future by examining the present.

Black box of sales

Sales management often lacks a clear view of what happens between objectives and outcomes. The black box of sales prevents sales leaders from tracking the impact of sales activities on the outcome. Ultimately it’s all about cracking open this black box.

Fast results

We’re here to get you up and running with Salesforce in no time. Instead of embarking on long-drawn projects, we encourage you to start swiftly, focusing initially on harnessing the system’s most vital features. Usually, this means clarifying and mapping out the company’s sales processes in the system, making it an immediate support pillar for your daily sales activities.

Tools and metrics for managing sales

With Sales Cloud, managing sales can be made transparent and real-time, allowing focus to shift away from reviewing past results to maintaining a keen eye on the present and the future. We’ll build you all the needed KPIs, dashboards, and reports in Salesforce.

Collaboration between sales and marketing

Sales and marketing engage with the same customers. It’s crucial, that information flows seamlessly between these distinct functions. We’re here to help you get this collaboration rolling, both in terms of tools and practices.

The most typical challenges of sales

These are the kind of challenges that we help our customers overcome.

Systems don't support daily activities

Out of all the conceivable sales processes, usually only the new customer acquisition process is described in the system. Solution is to map out all the sales processes used by the company into the system.

Meeting sales targets is becoming harder and harder

Currently less than half of salespeople reach their targets. CRM can be harnessed to support the individual development of salespeople, thereby identifying areas for improvement and monitoring their progress with data.

Building existing customers is challenging

Up to 80% of a company’s revenue comes from just 20% of its customers. While the significance of these key clients is acknowledged, building these customer relations requires a systematic approach, which must also be depicted in the CRM system to support sales personnel.

Frequently asked questions

We are doing multi-channel sales and we sell a lot even without actual salespeople. is Salesforce still a good fit for our company?

Salesforce supports all kinds of sales, so it’ll definitely bend to meet your needs. Together with our clients, we build sales plans and budgets right into Salesforce. This often includes customer plans, inbound sales forecasts, and an annual calendar complete with campaigns.

Is Salesforce also suitable for SMEs?

Absolutely. Half of our clients are in fact small and medium-sized businesses. Salesforce almost invariably replaces many other systems, making it a cost-effective option for smaller businesses overall.

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