Roy Anirban, Senior Architect

This time our Employee of the Month is Roy Anirban who’s known for endless amounts of innovative ideas. Armed with an endless appetite for new skills to master and new topics to conquer, Roy always seems to find something new to experiment with.

Who is Roy Anirban?

Although my name is Anirban and I come from a small peaceful green town (Durgapur, West Bengal) of India, I am more commonly known as Roy in my communities.

I am a 7X-certified Salesforce Application Architect and also a fun loving musical soul who happens to love Salesforce as well. When not in Salesforce, I am mostly enjoying driving, biking, writing, playing table tennis or listening to Poets of The Fall, Coldplay and Passenger to name a few 🙂

I am quite a digital maniac and a believer of the pen is mightier than the sword principle.

How did you end up working for Biit?

I kind of landed at Biit suddenly when my past employer (Advance B2B) sold its Salesforce operations to Biit.

I carry a 10-year work experience mostly in the CRM dimension working for companies like Accenture, Cognizant and Tata in the past. Having worked with multiple verticals ranging from Pharma, Energy, Telecoms etc. I decided to take a leap of faith in the early 2020 to pursue my long dream of working for start-ups.

I’ve always had a soft spot for working with small and medium businesses – kind of solving their business pains with Salesforce and delivering full solutions end-to-end (the big picture so to say). Thankfully enough, I have been doing the same at Biit.

What’s your role at Biit?

Technically speaking, I am an architect and love developing solutions that solve problems. In Biit, I love wearing many hats.

I start with consulting, move to solution designing and at the end of the day you can also find me developing solutions with flows, apex and configurations as well (#lowcodelove).

The projects that I’m working on vary a lot. For example I just completed an integration project for a real estate customer. Currently I’m working with a customer from the transport industry and manufacturing industry for a custom sales cloud implementation and I’m also on a couple of other pre-sales cases too.

Tell us about three of the most amazing things about your work? 

First and foremost is the diversity of my work. The range of roles I have played these past 4 months at Biit is something I’ve always desired.

Secondly, unlike my past organizations where people tend to become more ‘managerial’ with age and experience, I can still proudly say that I love all the hands-on stuff I do, and when needed I can easily switch for example from running pre-sales workshops to interesting solution designing. 

The last one has to be about the work-life balance aspect. I get sufficient time to spend with my family, which is the most beautiful part of my life (we have a new 1-year old in the house now).

What has been the most memorable moment at Biit so far?

While I am still kind of new at Biit, I have to share this interesting experience.

Due to the COVID scenario, I was stuck in India for quite some time. The day I returned to Helsinki was the day I learnt that Biit had acquired me and a few of my colleagues. Given the talk of the town and the scenario of the industry as a whole, I was shocked and certainly unaware about what was coming next.

Some weird thoughts started coming in like salary cuts and all (laugh aloud). And all this while I was still in quarantine, so I didn’t even know how to meet my new colleagues. I have to thank Biit for the fact that the transition was very smooth and welcoming.

Today I am happy to say that I’ve gotten to know many of my colleagues all of whom have been supportive. What started out as an unknown turned into an interesting place to work.

As I start my holidays soon, here’s wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and looking forward to conquering many more customer challenges in the coming year at Biit.

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