Boosting growth with smoother cross-selling – DLA Piper chooses Salesforce

DLA Piper chose Salesforce as their CRM system in order to seek growth with smoother cross-selling.

Better collaboration between sales and marketing – Visma Talent Solutions uses Salesforce to bring down silos

Visma Talent Solutions broke down silos and improved collaboration between sales and marketing by implementing Salesforce.

Kasvuryhmä aims to bring 25 billion euros to Finland

Kasvuryhmä has an ambitious goal of harnessing the power of its member companies to bring 25 billion euros of new revenue to Finland by 2025. Achieving this goal requires significantly expanding the community in the most efficient way possible.

Beely leading the charge in the automotive industry’s transformation

Beely, which offers subscription-based car services, has built its business from the very beginning in a strongly digital way. In order to develop their business, they were looking for a partner who would understand their business and also a technology platform that would adap to all their needs.

Pintos wanted to centralize their data and enhance data-driven management – Salesforce provided a scalable solution

Specializing in concrete construction, Pintos set out to develop their business in a more modern direction. The goal was to implement a new system that would help improve sales efficiency and bring all the information scattered in different systems to one place.

From a project supplier to a SaaS provider – Visma Public revolutionizes its business

Visma Public is changing its business from traditional project deliveries to SaaS solutions. How do twoday Biit and Salesforce fit into this transformation?

Partner portal built on Salesforce helps Muotolevy to grow and internationalize

Muotolevy, a versatile solution provider for all stages of real estate lifecycle, is a family-owned conglomerate formed by five companies, creating a more diverse entity than others of its size. Since 1974, Muotolevy has reached a stage where the company is aiming for growth and international expansion through diversified business development and enhancement.